Meet the Staff

Susan Stafford: Director of Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations

I have worked in Off-Campus Housing since 1988 and have been the director since 2002. Boulder is a terrific place to live and can be very captivating; when I moved here in 1986, I thought I would only be staying for one year! I have a son who attends CU so I am a good parent resource as well as a good housing resource.

Susan Barkman: Assistant Director of Community Outreach

I came to CU as a Junior to finish my undergraduate degree in Political Science and then I went on to get my Master's in Public Administration. Since 2008 I have enjoyed working for Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations to educate students on city ordinances, build respect between students and permanent neighbors and assessing office programs. In my spare time I work with several organizations in my community and enjoy spending time outdoors and doing photography.

Jeremy Moore: Assistant Director for Marketing, Communications, & Student Transitions

I started at CU Boulder in 2012 as a Hall Director in Williams Village and have since transitioned into the Assistant Director role with Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations having started with the office in June 2014. I received my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs from Northern Illinois Unviersity in DeKalb, IL, and my Bachelor's in Liberal Studies from Wright State University in Dayton, OH. Prior to my current role, I served as a Hall Director with various institutions for 6 years.

Bruce Sarbaugh: Student Legal Advisor

I was born and raised in Boulder and know all about the Boulder neighborhoods. I also know landlord/tenant law and I’m available through OCH for legal advice on leases, roommate issues, repair issues, security deposits, and just about any other issue that can arise in a rental situation. I’m also the Chairman of the Landlord/Tenant Advisory Board (you should check that out) and work with the City of Boulder on various committees and issues regarding student rental issues. If you live off-campus in a rental unit, we need to talk.

Valerie Bobadilla: Student Staff

Hi, my name is Valerie and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I am currently a sophomore studying Studio Arts and minoring in Business and TAM. My dream is to get my Masters of Art and then work at Pixar or DreamWorks as an artist for animated movies. But for now, I like to draw, read, watch movies, hike, and do basically anything as long as I'm in good company. I'm super stoked to be working at CU Off Campus Housing and I am happy to answer any and all questions that you might have!

Tanay Choudhary: International Student Liaison

Hi! my name is Tanay Choudhary and I’m an international student from India, I really wanted to study abroad so I applied to CU-Boulder. I am a sophomore majoring in computer science. I hope to work with tech giants like Xbox and Playstation network. I am an outdoor person and hike almost every weekend and I love to travel as much as I can to new places and new experiences. Being an international student myself I can understand the challenges of settling into a new place and moreover finding a place that you can call proudly home. I am really excited to work at Off Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations and intend to do all I can to help all of my fellow international students by the best of my ability!

Nicholas Stafford: Student Staff

Hi my name is Nick and I will be entering my junior year here at CU. I’m an open business major with aspirations to graduate and start my own business. I was born and raised in Boulder and have picked up some of the more common Boulderite characteristics through my youth. I love doing anything active (hiking, swimming, boarding) and have a love for the woods and wildlife. I also love listening to music of all kinds and will occasionally even throw in a dance here and there! I have a wide knowledge of the town and know my way around Boulder extremely well. I’m excited to be working for Off-Campus Housing, and assisting you in answering any of your questions or concerns.

Kristyn Sample

Hello all, I am Kristyn! I am a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering Sciences with a minor in Astronomy. After joining the Air Force Reserves and several semesters at a community college in Missouri, I transferred to CU to continue my journey. Knowing firsthand some of the challenges faced by transfer students, I was the co-founder of the Non-Traditional Student Organization, and am now your Transfer Student Liaison! I am excited to work with the Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations and help you in your transition to CU-Boulder. From answering the tough questions to finding the resources non-traditional students need, we are here to guide you through this challenging phase. You have a great support network here for you, make the most of it.

Danny Wall : Student Staff

Hi! My name is Danny. I'm a sophomore double majoring in History and Economics. I was born in Andalusia, Spain, and have since lived in California, North Carolina, Michigan, and here in Colorado! I dream of being an archaeologist one day, but until then I'm looking forward to teaching history at high schools. Outside of late nights at Norlin, you can catch me going for runs around campus, hanging out with friends, and taking Fantasy Football a little too seriously. I'm excited to work with Off Campus Housing and help with any inquiries you might have.

Alexis Jaramillo: Commuter Student Liaison

Hi! My name is Alexis Jaramillo! As a former commuter student and your current Commuter Student Liaison, I know firsthand that adapting to a completely new environment as a non-traditional student can be a learning curve. Between navigating the complexities of a bus route or making sure that you have enough gas to make it to campus and back, commuting becomes a lesson in time management and patience. At the same time however, commuting is a gateway to greater opportunities, friendships, and experiences. Although at times it may feel as though you are experiencing college differently from other students, know that you are a key component of the campus dynamic. So as you continue on in your journey, know that you are never alone. If I survived and thrived, you can too and I and the others in Off Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations are here to make sure that you do!