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Comments from CU Housing & Dinning Services

We asked Kambiz Khalili, Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Executive Director for Housing & Dining Services, to comment on Housing's current capacity and growth initiatives.
University Housing Capacity
Residence Halls: 6,418 beds
Bear Creek: 970 beds
Graduate & Family Housing: 840 units

What percentage of undergraduate students live in university housing?  
"Approximately 6 to 7% of all undergraduate students live in university housing. This includes those living in Apartment Life." The university currently has 24,418 degree seeking undergraduate students.
What are Housing’s initiatives to retain upperclassmen in the residence halls?
"There has not been a big push in this area as we are getting more freshmen coming to campus."
Freshmen are required to live on campus. This year's class size was 5,844.
How many beds do you foresee adding in the coming years? 
"At this point there are no new beds coming on line for the next 3 to 4 years for undergraduate students." 
What accommodations are provided for transfer students?
"Some small transfer communities have been established in the residence halls." Transfer WEST (Welcoming Exceptional Students in Transition) is a Living & Learning Community (LLC) that hosts various social and active events, as well as academic advisement and career-oriented programs, geared to help transfer students be successful at CU-Boulder. Students who participate in this program occupy two floors in Stearns West Hall.
What is a “RAP” and what are the benefits? 
Many of CU’s residence halls offer Residential Academic Programs (RAPs). RAPs allow students to participate in seminar classes, access faculty offices, and engage in activities that reinforce an academic theme, all within their residence hall. "We are trying to get more RAP communities to have a Faculty in Residence to provide students easier access to faculty. Most, but not all of these RAPs are geared toward freshmen."
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Boulder Flood Update

Student Affairs contacted 375 students who identified themselves as being impacted by the flood. Of those 375 students, 298 students were given some type of financial assistance in the form of a meal card (221), text book credit up to $500 (87), and/or temporary lodging (74).  Information was provided by the Department of Student Affairs.


Off-Campus Housing Fair  

You can still register for the 2014 Off-Campus Housing Fair. We will accept registrations as long as space is available. The office must receive payment in order to reserve a table.
Please note a slight change to our Housing Fair Guidelines. If you are giving away candy larger than snack size, it must be labeled with your company name. This is a UMC policy.


Ralphie's List Stats

Now is a great time to add your properties to Ralphie's List! Between January 1 and December 1, 2013, Ralphie’s List had 6,407 new registered student, faculty and staff users, and 108 new property listers. The site had 107,815 page views, and generated 3,742 email leads to property owners.