Neighborhood Connections

Move-in Orientation for Student Renters 

In 2011, Four Star Realty and Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations produced a comprehensive move-in orientation for student renters living on the Hill and in Goss Grove. According to their lease, students renting from Four Star can only collect their keys after at least one roommate has completed the orientation seminar. This year, 164 student rentals were required to complete the hour long move-in orientation.
The program is designed to educate new Boulder residents on their tenant and community responsibilities. Orientation begins with a presentation from Off-Campus Housing covering the following city topics: noise and firework violations, nuisance parties, alcohol violations, littering, and trash and snow removal. Students are encouraged to get to know their neighbors and to treat their new community with respect.
The second part of orientation is facilitated by a Hill neighbor who discusses both the positive and negative qualities of a diverse community. The goal is to offer students a personal point of view and to help them make a connection to their new neighborhood. Students are reminded that the community "is in it together", and that these laws don't just apply to students, but to everyone in Boulder.
The idea that this community is no different from the one they grew up in is continually reinforced throughout program. Four Star and Off-Campus Housing believe the orientation program is a successful way to educate students before problems occur. Colorado Daily article

Welcoming Students to Boulder and the Community

After a quiet summer, the Hill is abuzz with first-time student renters spending time with friends and adjusting to their new community. Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations understands that this period of transition can be difficult for students and residents alike.
In a continued effort to educate students on the importance of being positive and responsible community members, Off-Campus Housing walked the Hill the week before classes distributing welcome packets to student renters. The packets included a welcome letter, a copy of the Smart Party Guide, and a short summary of the state’s Riot Bill.
The intent of the welcome letter was to reminded students that they are part of a larger community. It read, “You play an important role in creating the type of community you want to live in and in establishing mutual respect amongst your neighbors.” Students were encouraged to meet their neighbors and become familiar with Boulder ordinances.
The Smart Party Guide is an educational publication that addresses the negative consequences of out of control parties. The guide explains noise violations, nuisance parties, alcohol violations, including underage drinking, host liability, firework violations, and CU’s Code of Conduct. It also provides tips to keep parties nuisance free, and reminds students to treat police officers with respect should a problem arise.
In addition to the welcome packet, Student Government and Off-Campus Housing crafted an article called “Living off-campus? Don’t forget your neighbors.” The article ran in CU’s electronic student newsletter and included the following helpful tips: keep noise levels down, pick up litter and trash, keep porch lights on at night, smile and get to know your neighbors.

Weekly Messaging

For the past 4 years, Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations has maintained a weekly presence (weather dependent) on the Hill by distributing informational door hangers to student rentals. This semester, door hangers will address the following relevant topics: noise ordinances, nuisance parties, trash disposal, the sofa ordinance, voter registration, security deposits, and student involvement opportunities.
During Halloween the office distributes flyers and candy bags, reminding students to be mindful of young children and to remember it is a children’s holiday. Additionally, as the weather cools, the office delivers packets of hot cocoa and informational pamphlets on snow removal. The pamphlet encourages students to volunteer their time by shoveling snow for their elderly neighbors.

Dinner and a Dialogue

On October 2nd the CU Dialogues Program, CU Student Government, and Off-Campus Housing are hosting an intimate dinner for Hill residents to discuss their experiences, both positive and negative, living in a diverse community.
The program, Dinner & a Dialogue, is a facilitated conversation that seeks to increase understanding through open communication across social and cultural boundaries. Dialogue works to build community from the ground up by fostering interaction, discussion and person-to-person connections.
Students and neighbors are encouraged to come together in an environment that encourages the sharing of multiple perspectives and promotes mutual understanding. *Dinner and Dialogue is currently full.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend kicked off Friday, September 28th. This annual event provides parents and family members an opportunity to visit campus and Boulder, talk with university faculty and staff, and attend classes and presentations. Director of Off-Campus Housing, Susan Stafford, and Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh presented Finding Off-Campus Housing on Friday and Saturday. Parents play a valuable role in their child's education and it is important that parents and students understand the numerous responsibilities that come with living off-campus.