How to Advertise at CU

Advertise Online

Ralphie's List, CU's official rental database, provides landlords the opportunity to create an online advertisement specifically for CU students, faculty and staff. Ralphie's List offers a Google Maps feature, e-mail correspondence, and message boards for students to post sublets and find roommates.  

Why advertise on Ralphie's List:

  • It's specific to CU students, faculty and staff. Unlike Craigslist, you know your market.
  • Each year thousands of students use Ralphie's list to find housing. 
  • You will get fast results! Allowing students to email you directly from the site will make the process faster and easier.
  • It's easy. If you don't want the hassle of posting the ad, our partners will do the work for you.

How to get started:

Start your account TODAY. If you have any questions regarding the database and/or pricing please call our partners at 1-877-888-4895. *Ralphie's List is powered by Off-Campus Partners.

Advertise on Campus

Our office hosts two annual housing fairs on campus. This is the best way to meet your clients face-to-face and give them your sales pitch. Bring pictures and exciting giveaways!

Our January fair is our largest event with over 50 vendors and 2,000 CU attendants. We will provide FREE pizza as an extra incentive for students to stop by.

Our February fair is the smaller of the two, and attracts approximately 1,000 attendees. There are still plenty of students looking for housing, so if you miss the January fair this is a great way to catch up with many eager students.