Helpful Landlord Resources

Forms to Make Your Job Easier

  • The Boulder Model Lease is available to landlords to use as a reference or as their lease.
  • Encourage your student tenants to read our newest publication, Your Move-in, which provides educational information for new tenants.
  • Make sure your students sign a roommate agreement.
  • Just like you, we want student tenants to take responsibility. Remind them to take pictures and fill out a check in/out form.
  • Remind your tenants of Boulder laws, and keep your rental from getting tickets. Suggest that they read the Smart Party Guide and our CU Tenant's Guide.

Party Registration Program

We are now on our 4th year of Party Registration. Keep your property from getting ticketed and encourage your student to register their parties with Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations.

Boulder City Resources

The City of Boulder also provides landlords and tenants with a variety of rental resources including: 

  • Landlord/Tenant Handbook
  • Sample sublease form
  • Interest on security deposit formula
  • Sample letter for security deposit disputes
  • Sample letter to suggest mediation